Recovering XLS Files 3.0

Recovering XLS Files 3.0: Recovering XLS Files Effectively is only Few Clicks Away from You recovering XLS file data from corruption you just opt for SysTools excel recovery . Excel recovery tool software gives better results than any other software for excel recovery. Download demo version to know how recovering XLS files data is done. Preview the complete process of recovering XLS files but do not save it. For saving the file after recovering XLS files data as well choose personal license available on $49 and business license is of $129

CuteRecovery 2.0.0: CuteRecovery - powerful data recovery tool. Recover lost files and partitions.
CuteRecovery 2.0.0

CuteRecovery is a handy and powerful data recovery tool. Support recovering accidentally deleted files, recovering files from destroyed partition and recovering lost partitions when you can not find it from your disk. The recovering process is visual and you can check the files while recovering. It can recover your fixed disk, memory card, USB disk and Vmware virtual disk. It supports FAT16/FAT32/NTFS file systems.

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Easy Password Recovery 2.0: The world`s coolest password recovery tool!
Easy Password Recovery 2.0

* Recovering passwords in Internet Explorer, supporting IE 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, and later. * Recovering passwords in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003. * Recovering passwords in Windows NT. * Recovering passwords in Windows 9X, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME. * Tiny, powerful and easy to use.

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DBF WORK 2.0: AMX DBF SEE (print and export in 14 formats)

Viewing and updating of files DBF. Simply and conveniently, as in a conductor. The driver does not demand BDE and additional. Any coding of tables... Except for it is sorting on any field - the cascade filter on any data (analogue EXCEL) - selection on fields - a print data - export data in 14 formats - recovering the headlines of files DBF (RECOVERING the headlines of files DBF) I Accept constructive criticism and wishes

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CD Recovery Toolbox Free 1.1.17: Recover files from damaged or corrupted CD, DVD, HD FVD, Blu-Ray disks
CD Recovery Toolbox Free 1.1.17

Recovering information from any CD and DVD disks - Recovering files larger than 4 Gb - Detecting possible lack of free space on the hard disk for storing the recovered files Tool not only has a complete set of data recovery features, but is also user-friendly and convenient. The program interface is designed as a step-by step wizard, where the user has to perform a single action on each page of the wizard. The wizard makes the use of the tool very

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RecoverPlus Photo Recovery 2.7.82: Digital Photo Recovery of all lost, deleted and formatted photo`s on all media.
RecoverPlus Photo Recovery 2.7.82

recovering speed. Using TP Adaptive, you are able to reclaim what others are failing to recognize. All drive connections supported. The very accurate and fast recovering will surprise you. Scanning, detecting and recovering of files in one go is at least as fast as normal loading of files. Up to 15 MB/sec with a CF card.* Supported is anything with a drive letter, like all disks, readers, cameras, cards, sticks, CD/DVD, USB, PCMCIA, FireWire, etcetera

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4Neurons Eraser 2.0: 4Neurons Eraser deletes the files the way it won`t be possible to recover them.
4Neurons Eraser 2.0

4Neuron Eraser allows you to delete files from your computer the way, it won`t be possible to recover them using any file recovering software or even by giving your hard-drive to the professional company that specialize in data recovering. 4Neurons Eraser will permanently erase these files from your hard-drive, by overwriting their content with random data, sector by sector. You can use it to destroy the content of any file on your hard drive.

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